Isola’s purpose is to improve life by enabling innovation in electronic products.

We enable innovative electronic products by manufacturing the PCB materials that help other companies make cutting-edge products. The role we play is very significant. Through our innovation, and cost competitiveness, we help enable products that change the world.

Customers acknowledge that what makes Isola different than its competitors is that we have global manufacturing, R&D, technical support and sales teams located around the world. This is extremely important when you consider the three phases of our customers’ manufacturing process.

It starts with the new product introduction (NPI) phase—when a customer has an idea for a new product an wants to get it introduced to the market as fast as possible. This phase typically happens in North America and Europe. Customers will work with Isola to match their performance requirements to our laminate materials. In this phase, customers want a supplier that has a factory that can get them whatever material they need in under a week. This is the role that our manufacturing facilities in the US and Germany play for so many of our customers.

Once customers move through the new product introduction phase, they will manufacture some initial volume locally, but as competition grows and they need to move the product into higher volume, they need to drive their cost down to make their product more affordable to the marketplace. This is when they typically transfer their production to Asia.

Once again, they need a PCB laminate supplier that is local to where they manufacture their products. They don’t have time to wait for products manufactured outside of Asia to be shipped to them. This is where we then transfer our production for that specific opportunity to Asia to shorten our lead times to scale up production locally.

With our global footprint, we have the ability to compete and provide our customers with as low a cost as possible. Our service model also allows us to ship customers a product within a few days. Any product they need, we can produce in one of our factories, not just what we have sitting in inventory.

Should PCB fabricators encounter any issues as they ramp up into volume production, Isola’s technical support, sales support and R&D groups located around the world, are well equipped to support our customers as they further develop their products and move to volume production. Isola’s unique ability to help our customers transfer their production from one continent to another is a critical piece to their success. If they have any issues when they move from low volume into high volume, it can affect the success of their products. Isola is strategically positioned to support all of the phases in the manufacturing cycle, to help our customers deliver cost-competitive electronic devices to the global marketplace.