Certification Program

Introducing the Isola Certification Program

Isola takes pride in developing long-term relationships with its worldwide customer base of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabricators. We understand that time-to-market is a critical factor for your success and the success of the OEMs that rely on your efficiency and expertise. We also understand the needs of the OEM to find a reliable fabricator to produce the highest-quality products.

We are pleased to introduce our new Isola Certification Program, whereby qualifying fabricators are audited by the technical staff at Isola based on their ability to demonstrate the processing requirements of select products such as I-Tera® MT and I-Speed®. The certification process includes in-depth training and direct factory support from Isola.

Upon certification, OEMs can rest assure that Isola-certified fabricators meet the process performance requirements as validated against the IPC standards.