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IS350MD Tg 162, Td 387
Dk 3.35, Df 0.0138

IS350MD is a proprietary high performance, mid-Dk, low-loss, halogen-free material specifically designed for the high-end mobile applications.

IS350MD is a base material of type FR-4. The resin matrix is based on a modified epoxy resin; conventional E-glass-fabric is used for reinforcement. The requirements of flammability class V-0 as per UL 94 are met without addition of antimony compounds. Since this material does not contain halogens, it displays greater thermal stability than a standard FR-4, as time to delamination (T288) measurements prove.

IS350MD is engineered for ease of manufacturing. It requires a short press cycle and does not require plasma for desmear. It desmears similarly to FR-4 materials, making it ideal for high density interconnect (HDI) mobile applications, while providing a low cost of total ownership.

Key Features

High Thermal Performance

  • Tg of 162°C  (DSC)
  • Td of 387°C (TGA)
  • Low CTE in the Z-axis 1.6% (50°C – 260°C)

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