DesignCon 2014: January 29-30, 2014

May 14

Isola will exhibit at the upcoming DesignCon 2014 conference and exhibition, January 29-30, 2014 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. DesignCon is one of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industry’s premier events to learn about the latest advanced products, technologies and developments in the market.

As the pursuit for cost-effective 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) becomes an imminent reality, Isola continues to innovate and design ultra-low loss laminates to meet the ever-increasing challenge of faster data rates,. Attendees are invited to join Isola in booth 819 to learn about the company’s newest products, including:

  • Astra™ MT: Ultra Low loss  Df – 0.0017 and 3.00 Dk   product for automotive safety , antenna and millimeter wave frequencies designs
  • TerraGreen™: Very low-loss, halogen-free system for such high-performance applications as power amplifier boards for 4G LTE base stations, internet infrastructure and cloud computing
  • I-Tera® MT: Very low-loss laminate (Df 0.0035) for high-speed digital, backplane and RF/microwave designs
  • I-Speed®: Lead-free compatible, low-loss (Df 0.0065) laminate

With power and signal integrity assuming equal importance and rules of thumb becoming less reliable, simulation and solid PCB design methodologies are more important than ever. An industry panel of EDA vendors and users, including Chudy Nwachukwu, Signal Integrity and Application Development Manager at Isola Group will discuss their takes on these issues for today’s and tomorrow’s designs. The panel discussion will take place in Ballroom F on Wednesday, January 29 from 3:45pm to 5:00pm.

Join Fred Hickman, Director of High Speed Digital Products at Isola for a panel discussion entitled, “New Multilayer Board (MLB) Laminates Close to PTFE Materials” on Thursday, January 30th  from 3:45pm ­ 5:00pm in Ballroom G. The panel will explore PTFE materials’ superior electrical properties and the challenges associated with using them, such as major issues in the PCB manufacturing process and their difficulty to be used to build multilayer PCBs. PTFE materials were originally used for high speed PCB RF products for single-side or double-side PCBs. FR-4 and derivatives have great processability, but are lacking the electrical performance for ultra-high performance applications. Epoxy base FR-4 has been modified using foil, glass and resin systems to improve electrical properties while maintaining manufacturing processability. Keeping up with new materials being brought to market and determining the optimal laminates to use is a challenge. New materials are coming from both ends now; as processability enhanced PTFE and electrical performance-boosted FR-4 descendants emerge. These materials could open the door for next generation products. 

For more information, stop by Booth 819 at DesignCon.