ECWC13 in Nuremberg – May 7-9, 2014

May 17

Isola to Sponsor ECWC13 in Nuremberg

Isola is pleased to be a sponsor of the 13th Electronic Circuits World Convention (ECWC13), hosted by the  EIPC (European Institute of Printed Circuits) in conjunction with Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH in Nuremberg, Germany, from May 7-9 alongside SMT Hybrid Packaging which will take place from  May 6-8.

Isola’s Alun Morgan will present a paper titled, “Fire Retardancy – The What, Why, and How.”  The paper takes a critical look at all aspects of fire retardancy, starting with the need for fire safety. The function of a flame retardant is examined and reactive and additive flame retardant classes are contrasted along with their chemical and physical effect mechanisms. The major flame retardant compounds, both halogen and halogen free, are examined in detail. Environmental concerns and life cycle analysis are examined.

About ECWC13

The Electronic Circuits World Convention was founded in 1978. During the last 35 years the ECWC teams have successfully organized 12 PCBs and PCBA world convention events, with the primary aim of demonstrating leadership in electronic equipment and PCB manufacturing, set against a background of knowledge of the global demand, new processes and technologies required, and the changing market dynamics.