Halogen-free Materials Webinar

June 20

Meeting Flame Resistance Requirements for Green Electronics: Evaluating Halogen-free Materials


Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRs) have successfully been used in electronic products for decades to reduce fire-related injury and damage. However, many companies have chosen non-Halogen based flame retardants in Printed Wiring Board (PWB) applications in an effort to “go green”.

David Bedner, Principle Scientist at Isola, explores the environmental impact of flame retardants and the current trends in the industry. This is a powerful webinar for any design engineer looking to understand the trade-offs in selecting brominated vs. phosphorus retardants to comply with today’s strict safety standards. Learn about some of the barriers and technical challenges that suppliers are facing when bringing new products to market and discover which factors will ultimately determine the fate of green electronics.

For more information visit our Halogen-free Materials page.