Isola to Exhibit at DesignCon

June 14

Isola to Exhibit at DesignCon in Booth 414

Santa Clara Convention Center
January 28-29

Now in its 20th year, DesignCon is the premier educational conference and technology exhibition for electronic design engineers in the high speed communications and semiconductor communities.

Join Isola in booth 414 to learn about the latest innovations in dielectric materials.

Isola’s CTO, Tarun Amla will participate in a panel discussion on January 28 from 4:30 to 6:00pm titled, “Isn’t Gbps Design Complex Enough? Now High Speed Circuit Boards Act Like Microwave Components.” As speeds increase, digital signals interact with dielectrics at microwave frequencies. Dielectrics are fairly well behaved at Analog and RF frequencies (<1 GHz). However, at microwave frequencies the dimensions of many circuit features begin to be on the same order of magnitude as the wavelength. Designers need material parameters like Dk and Df to make accurate models and fabricators need these same parameters to optimize line widths. Often the designers use one set of numbers and the fabricator uses different values. The panel will discuss this challenge and look for solutions, especially at frequencies above 10 GHz.

Taking place annually in Silicon Valley, DesignCon was created by engineers for engineers and remains the largest gathering of chip, board and systems designers in the country. Combining technical paper sessions, tutorials, industry panels, product demos and exhibits, DesignCon brings engineers the latest theories, methodologies, techniques, applications and demonstrations on PCB design tools, power and signal integrity, jitter and crosstalk, high-speed serial design, test and measurement tools, parallel and memory interface design, ICs, semiconductor components and more.

DesignCon enables chip, board and systems designers, software developers and silicon manufacturers to:

  • Grow their design expertise
  • Learn about and see the latest advanced design technologies and tools from top vendors in the industry
  • Network with and gain inspiration from fellow engineers and design engineering experts