Isola to Present at DGCON 2014

May 11

Join Isola’s Alun Morgan during his presentation at DGCON 2014 taking place November 24-25, 2014 in Israel. Alun will present a paper titled, “Base Materials Development: Reliability in Low Loss/High Frequency Applications.” The paper outlines the development of high reliability low loss base materials for PCBs covering the topics of thermal reliability; conductive anodic filamentation (CAF) and the effects of resin chemistry, glass cloth weave and copper foil profile on signal integrity. Methods for mitigation of skew will be discussed and the presentation will demonstrate characterization techniques for Dk and Df measurement and manufacturing practicalities.

DGCON, initiated by Dgtronix, is the first Israeli conference targeted to provide the necessary technical knowledge, covering many aspects of hardware design including:

  • Simulations and Advanced Simulation Tools
  • IC & Passive Interconnects Modeling
  • Ultra-High-Speed SERDES and Interfaces
  • Test & Measurement Tools
  • Advanced Board Design and PCB Layout Methodologies
  • Modern PCB Materials & Manufacturing

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