Isola to Sponsor SMC 2015

May 14


Isola to Sponsor SMC 2015

September 22–23 • Computer History Museum

Join Isola at the Strategic Materials Conference 2015 as we take a broad look at what is driving the demand for new materials, how material suppliers are being impacted by the value chain they serve and how this affects the smart and interconnected world we live in.

SMC will explore the topic of “Materials Enabling a Smart & Interconnected World.”  We will examine the emerging trends in the semiconductor industry with focus on the increasing pervasiveness of the Internet across industries and the subsequent potential impact on our daily lives. This trend will drive the adoption of semiconductors into increasingly diverse environments & functions. While the corresponding new performance requirements and form factors pose a challenge to the entire value chain, systems OEMs, device manufacturers and materials suppliers, it will provide new opportunities to drive innovation and engineering, supply assurance, analytics and quality capabilities enabling the industry to deliver these solutions in a compelling, timely and cost-effective manner.

The comprehensive sessions will provide an overview of the new opportunities that are emerging from an increasingly interconnected world, taking a glimpse at the devices, integration schemes, materials and packaging that will be in high demand for the foreseeable future and beyond. The full spectrum of New Transistor Structures, Emerging Memory, MEMS, Sensors, Medical Devices, Optoelectronics, Advanced Interconnect Technology, TSV and Advanced Packaging will be explored and discussed this year at SMC 2015.

Topics Covered

  • Economic and Market Trends
  • Emerging Materials Technology
  • Opportunities at the Edge
  • Advanced Interconnect Technologies
  • Sustainability Considerations of Advanced Materials(Environmental Health & Safety, Conflict Minerals, Regulations, Compound Semiconductors- III-V Compounds)
  • A View from the Device Makers
  • Executive Panel Discussion

SMC has provided valuable information and networking opportunities to materials and electronics industry professionals since 1995.  SMC 2015 builds on that legacy, expanding the reach and focus of the conference to examine advanced electronics materials for the semiconductor and adjacent industries. Learn more.