Isola’s business strategy depends on the continual improvement of our laminate technologies and the successful introduction of new products. Our global research and development and technical support presence allows us to engage closely with our customers to make this happen.

As the only laminate provider with R&D facilities in the US, Europe and Asia, Isola is uniquely situated to support the development of next generation products. Our R&D facilities are co-located with our manufacturing facilities in the US, Germany, Singapore and Taiwan. Our technical support teams at these sites work closely with regional customers and OEMs to understand future product requirements, and align our R&D activities.

Isola’s laminate research and development activities are focused on meeting the demanding requirements for increasingly sophisticated infrastructure devices such as routers, servers, and telecommunications equipment. These more capable devices support increased activity on the internet, which is driven by the explosion of social networking sites and the increased use of mobile devices and cloud computing applications. In addition, the growing number of applications for advanced automotive products, supporting adaptive cruise control, telemetry and other “smart” car functions, require laminate materials with improved properties.

Isola is steadfast in maintaining an aggressive laminate research and development strategy, working with PCB fabricators and premier OEMs to develop not only the products that they need today, but also the products they will need tomorrow.

Isola is well-positioned for future success in a fast-changing and dynamic industry.