PCB Materials for Terabit Backplanes

In this two-part video, watch Scott McMorrow, an R&D consultant for Teraspeed® Consulting, A Division of Samtec, explain how he performed extensive analyses of PCB materials for terabit backplane designs. His goal with the analysis was to determine the best material to choose in order to achieve the best performance for a backplane system with a 25+ Gb/s operation.

In Part 1 of the video, Scott describes design and measurement parameters used during his test efforts. This includes taking into account various material factors such as the type of fiberglass weave used, the resin system used, the type of copper used and the copper treatment that was used by the fabricator. He also provides a thorough discussion of how to avoid modeling and simulation-induced hallucinations.

In Part 2 of this video, Scott focuses on how to achieve the lowest loss possible for best performance. Test elements included a standard stack up with standard trace separation and standard dielectric thicknesses. Based on the results of these tests, Scott describes why Isola’s Tachyon and Tachyon 100G materials best met his design and performance needs.