Thermal Analysis Capabilities of the Analytical Services Laboratory

Isola Analytical Services Laboratory is home to the largest collection of Thermal Analysis equipment in North America. DSC, TGA, TMA and DMA instruments are available to provide a full range of thermal data on prepregs, laminates and printed wiring boards.

Differential Scanning Calorimetery, also called DSC measures the flow of heat into or out of a sample compared to a referenced. Changes in the heat flow indicate glass transition temperature and reactions such as curing and melting of material.

TGA, Thermogravimetric Analysis, utilizes a microbalance to measure finite changes in weight as a sample is heated at a controlled rate. IPC-TM-650 defines decomposition temperatures as 2% and 5% loss of the initial weight while the sample is heated at 10C/min or held isothermally at a desired temperature over time. Presence of moisture can also be measured.

Thermomechanical Analysis, or TMA, measures the change in the height of a sample as it undergoes a change in temperature. Changes in the sample height are utilized to determine the coefficient of thermal expansion, the glass transition temperature and time to delamination at a temperature of interest.

DMA, Dynamic Mechanical Analysis measures the change in the stiffness of material as it is heated at a controlled rate. Changes in the stiffness are used to determine the glass transition temperature of a material.

Each piece of Thermal Analysis equipment measures a different characteristic of a material. Isola Analytical Services Laboratory offers full testing of all thermal properties by DSC, TGA, TMA and DMA.