Article: Microsectioning of Laminates

Microsectioning of Laminates

Lab studies show variances in hardness and fragility mean procedures need to be tailored to a specific resin system.

Microsectioning can be an extremely useful technique to inspect PCBs. However, incorrectly prepared samples can lead to wrong interpretation of the results.1 Determining the right parameters for microsectioning involves a combination of experience and understanding of how different sample preparation parameters can affect the final results. Furthermore, fiber-reinforced composites tend to be difficult to cross-section due to the large difference in mechanical properties between the matrix and fiber.1

Therefore, the microsectioning process needs to be tailored for the components of the laminate or printed circuit boards. Microsectioning steps include sectioning, mounting, grinding and polishing. A description of each step will be described in this article, written  by Karin Rudman Prieto, Ph.D., Peg Conn, Lizabeth Lagos and Charles Lehmann of Isola, which was published in the July 2015 issue of Printed Circuit Design & Fab.

10 July 2015

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