Augusto Meozzi Resigns as President Isola Europe

After 45 years of loyal and dedicated service to Isola and its predecessor companies Augusto Meozzi, President of Isola Europe, declared his resignation effective April 30, 2009, to retire.

Augusto Meozzi was CEO of MAS Group, which was acquired by Isola in 1990. He then went on to hold other executive positions within Isola, including President and CEO of Isola Laminate Systems Inc., headquartered in Chandler, AZ, and COO and EVP of Isola in Dueren, Germany, before assuming leadership of the European Region following the Company’s acquisition by TPG.

During his long and exceptional career he was characterized by his professional competence, his managerial skills, and his visions. With this resignation one of the greatest quits the scene of the PCB market.

26 May 2009

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