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High-speed Backplane Demo Features Isola’s Tachyon®-100G

High-speed Backplane Demo Features Isola’s Tachyon®-100G Materials to Mitigate Skew

Isola’s Tachyon®-100G materials were featured at DesignCon 2015 in the Samtec’s ExaMAX® high-speed backplane demo. Prepared by Terraspeed Consulting, the demo was designed to display the functionality of the Samtec-sourced ExaMax connector using advanced design optimization techniques to minimize insertion loss, return loss and crosstalk, while utilizing Tachyon-100G to mitigate skew. The backplane demo included two Xilinx VCU109 evaluation boards that communicated to each other over a large, stubbed-out backplane. The total path length was almost 30 inches. The boards ran eight 28 Gbps GTY serializer/deserializer channels of PRBS31 data over the backplane. Tachyon-100G was chosen as backplane material because of its ultra low insertion loss and superior skew mitigation properties compared with other materials.

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