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Isola 2016 Fact Sheet

IS620 Outpacing Gigaver Sesigns

Isola Laminate Systems Corporation, the U.S. subsidiary of Isola AG, announced today that the accelerating acceptance of IS620, their low Dk, low-loss product for high-speed digital applications, would lead to discontinuation of Gigaver products by year end. "IS620 has emerged as a broad-spectrum solution for the high-speed digital space. The product's attractive cost of ownership combined with superior electrical and thermal properties has led to design-driven replacement not only of APPE products, but alternative resin and glass systems and ceramic filled thermoplastic systems as well," stated Tarun Amla, Vice President of Operations and Technology for Isola Laminate Systems.

"Sanmina-SCI is pleased that the market now has another viable replacement for APPE-based laminate materials. IS620 has been shown to have electrical properties similar to APPE and performance suitable for high speed PCB applications" stated George Dudnikov, Chief Technology Officer PCB Division ,Sanmina-SCI Corporation.

IS620 is manufactured in Isola's Fremont, California facility.