Isola AG Announces a Change of Responsibilities at Isola Laminate Systems Corp.

CHANDLER, AZ, March 24, 2003 — Isola Laminate Systems Corporation, the U.S. subsidiary of Isola AG, broke ground on its new Technology Center in Chandler Arizona last week.

The new development facility is expected to open in August 2003 and will facilitate an increase in the speed of new product development and testing.

The facility will be located adjacent to the company’s manufacturing operation also located in Chandler. The center will house the company’s U.S. research and development team and will also house dedicated product development and pilot line manufacturing equipment and associated laboratories.

“The North American market for our products continues to evolve towards high performance products requiring new technologies while simultaneously requiring fast turns, high quality, and additional service levels in support of already established products. Our substantial investment in this new facility will enable us to accelerate our pace of new technology introduction for our customers and will include the rapid integration of these new products into our advanced customer support and manufacturing operations,” stated Augusto Meozzi, CEO of Isola Laminate Systems Corporation.

23 March 2003

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