Isola Donates Funds to Children’s Hospital

Friends Association of the St. Marien Children’s Hospital Receives an € 18,000 Donation

In lieu of gifts, guests at Isola’s 100-year anniversary celebration were asked to contribute donations to the Kinderklink St. Marien-Hospital in Düren-Birkendorf. Isola proudly presented the hospital with a donation of just over €18,000! The money will help fund various projects at the Children’s Hospital of St. Marien.

Dr. Bodo Mueller serves as the Chairman of the Friends Association of the Children’s Hospital of  St. Marien, in addition to his roles as Chief Physician of Juvenile Psychiatry and Medical Director.  Dr. Mueller expressed his appreciation of Isola’s  decision to decline any gifts for this milestone celebration and instead solicit donations to benefit the Friends Association. Over 150 friends and family of Isola contributed to the fund.

On behalf of all of the children and adolescents at the hospital, Dr. Mueller expressed his gratitude for the generosity of  Isola’s friends and employees for this wonderful sentiment and wished Isola continued success for the next 100 years.

“With help from Isola, our Friends Association is able to acquire items to improve the care of our patients and improve the aesthetics in our Children’s Hospital, our day hospital for juvenile psychiatry, day groups and social and neurological pediatrics,” said Dr. Mueller.

The donations are already making a difference. A respirator for newborn and premature babies has been purchased. In the social pediatrics unit, a technique will be implemented for gait analysis using software and video to help children who as a result of early childhood brain damage  suffer from a walking or movement disorder. Additionally, the non-working gaming system in the waiting area of the Children’s Hospital has been replaced.

Diplom-Kaufmann, Bernd Koch, Managing Director of Caritas Holding West, also thanked Isola for its generosity. He emphasized the importance of donations for the children’s hospital – especially during these challenging economic times.

10 October 2012

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