Isola Expands Vocational Training Opportunities

Isola to Offer Expanded Vocational Training Opportunities for the Next-Generation Workforce

Training centers will develop skill sets for careers in manufacturing.

Facing a shortage of skilled employees entering the workforce, Isola is planning to establish an expanded training program for young adults interested in a career in manufacturing but have no previous work experience. The program, based in Duren, Germany, will offer up to 30 individuals each year the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to succeed in a career either at Isola or at another manufacturing facility. Upon successful conclusion of the training program, students will complete an apprenticeship certification exam.

“Between 2016 and 2019 we expect approximately 70 of our Duren employees to enter retirement,” explained Karl Stollenwerk, President of Isola Europe. “Although the company typically hires eight apprentices per year, the upcoming turnover cannot be absorbed by our current apprenticeship program.”

In order to prepare for the company’s future hiring needs, unskilled workers will receive vocational training to qualify for open positions. Isola initially plans to hire 10 students who have successfully completed the training program and passed the apprentice certification exam. The remaining graduates of the program will be made available to the job market with certification to enhance his or her resume.

Isola recognizes that this training initiative requires support from the United Industrial Association and the administration of the local government in order to coordinate subsidy programs and appropriate public funds in support of this initiative. “While we understand the process needed to train and qualify the next-generation of employees in our industry, the expertise of community and industry resources is necessary to ensure its success,” stated Rainer Deliege, Isola’s Director of Human Resources – Europe.

During a recent visit to Isola’sDurenfacility, District Administrator Wolfgang Spelthahn, Anette Reinholz, Head of Economic Development for theDurendistrict, her colleague Heinz Mannheims and Karl-Josef Cranen, Head of Job Com, expressed interest in collaborating on this project.

Wolfgang Spelthahn complimented Isola’s intent and confirmed his full support, saying, “Isola recognizes that the demographic shift in skilled laborers is a serious issue in our community and has developed an admirable program to not only help others find gainful employment, but allow companies to quickly recruit qualified workers. If the industry itself can recruit a more skilled workforce, the economy of the Duren district will certainly benefit through additional tax revenue.”

11 June 2012

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