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Isola Extends Production of FR408HR

Isola Extends Production of FR408HR Materials to its German Facility

Shortening lead times on FR408HR for European fabricators will accelerate the manufacturing cycle for advanced printed circuit boards

CHANDLER, Ariz., 8, 2014, — Isola Group S.à r.l., a market leader in dielectric materials used to fabricate advanced multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs), announced today that its proprietary, high-performance FR408HR laminates and prepreg materials are currently in production at its manufacturing facility in Düren, Germany.

FR408HR laminate and prepreg products are manufactured with Isola’s patented, high-performance multifunctional resin system, reinforced with electrical grade (E-glass) glass fabric. This FR-4 system delivers a 30% improvement in Z-axis expansion and offers 25% more electrical bandwidth (lower loss) than competitive products in this space. These properties, coupled with superior moisture resistance at reflow, result in a material that bridges the gap from both a thermal and electrical perspective. FR408HR features a 230°C glass-transition temperature (Tg by DMA) for multilayer PCB applications requiring maximum thermal performance and reliability.

Karl Stollenwerk, President of Isola Europe and Managing Director of Isola GmbH, Germany, stated, “We are pleased to announce our new product capabilities in Düren with the addition FR408HR. This will shorten delivery times to our European customers and completes the extension of the worldwide production of this product, which is also produced in Asia and in the United States.”

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