Isola Group Announces Launch of 185HR

CHANDLER, Ariz., January 19, 2011 —

ISOLA GROUP, Sa.r.l. today announced the launch of 185HR, its next generation high reliability, lead-free compatible, and standard loss product. 185HR is an electrically enhanced resin system to meet the OEM’s need for new designs that have high layer counts, require higher bandwidths and where conventional phenolic cured laminates do not offer the electrical properties required for the desired signal integrity. 185HR has a Tg greater than 170°C, a decomposition temperature of 340°C and delivers a reduction in Z axis expansion and a 25-30% improvement in dielectric loss properties, placing it in the same dielectric loss category as conventional high Tg FR4.

Tarun Amla, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Isola stated “The continuing migration to lead-free assembly has led to a growing need for cost effective, high reliability lead-free substitutes for dicy-cured non lead-free compatible systems. 185HR uses Isola patented technology to address this emerging requirement by delivering lower loss, while preserving high reliability attributes.” The product is currently manufactured in Chandler, Arizona and production is being scaled up at Isola’s Asian facilities.

About Isola

Isola Group, SARL, with headquarters in Chandler, Arizona, is a worldwide technology-driven, global designer, developer and manufacturer of high-performance base materials used in the manufacture of advanced multilayer printed circuit boards. Isola’s investment in research and development, technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and practices provides superior value to our customers through innovative solutions that minimize costs and reduce manufacturing time. Our commitment is reflected in our global network of sales and distribution offices, which allow us to meet evolving customer needs and provide a full spectrum of products and services.

Isola’s broad range of products are used in multiple applications including aerospace, automotive, broadband telecommunications, military, chip packaging and testing, high-end computing, high-speed digital designs and other specialty markets. Isola operates multiple manufacturing, R&D and sales offices throughout Europe, Asia and the United States. For a complete listing of product offerings and facilities visit our website at

19 January 2011

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