Isola Group Launches New Family of IS640 Products

CHANDLER, ARIZONA, MARCH 21, 2005 – Isola Group S.a.r.l announced today the launch of the following three new products for the RF and Microwave market, IS640-300 with a nominal dielectric constant of 3.00 at 10 GHz, IS640-320 with a nominal dielectric constant of 3.20 and IS640-325 with a nominal dielectric constant of 3.25. IS640-300 has a dissipation factor less than 0.0032 at 10 GHz and IS640-320 and IS640-325 have dissipation factors around 0.0035. These new products are currently available in 20, 30 and 60 mil thickness configurations and complement the existing IS640-338 and IS640-345 product offering. Other thickness configurations may be available on request. The new family of IS640 patent-pending products are uniquely formulated to provide exceptional thickness and dielectric constant control without using inorganic fillers.

We have seen that ceramic filled systems are tough to process due to the abrasive nature of the inorganic filler, leading to shorter drill life, lower peels and other processing issues, stated Tarun Amla, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Isola Group. The IS640 range of products does not contain inorganic fillers and therefore offer better processing at a lower cost of ownership to our customers. These new products have very attractive cost structures and enable Isola to compete in the RF and Microwave space alongside filled PTFE products and other lower dielectric materials, stated Amla.

IS640-338, IS640-345, IS640-325, IS640-320, and IS640-300 are currently manufactured in Isolas Chandler, Arizona facility. Data sheets for each of these products are available for download on the Isola website.

21 March 2005

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