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Isola 2016 Fact Sheet

Isola Group Launches New Product for the RF/Microwave Market

CHANDLER, ARIZONA, July 12, 2005 - Isola Group S.a.r.l. announced today the launch of the IS640-333. IS640-333 has a nominal dielectric constant of 3.33 at 10 GHz and a dissipation factor of 0.0038 at 10 GHz. The new product is available in standard 20, 30 and 60 mil thickness configurations. Other thickness configurations may be available on request. The product has been launched to target the LNB (low noise block down converter) market.

The complete family of IS640 patent-pending products are uniquely formulated to provide exceptional thickness and dielectric constant control without using inorganic fillers. IS640-333, IS640-338, IS640-345, IS640-325, IS640-320, and IS640-300 are currently manufactured in Isola's Chandler, Arizona facility. Data sheets for each of these products are available for download on the Isola website.