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Isola 2016 Fact Sheet

Isola Group sarl Announces New DSTF® Licensees

CHANDLER, ARIZONA, February 29, 2008 - A subsidiary of Isola, Polyclad Laminates Inc, recently completed license agreements with Suzhou Fukuda Metal Co. Ltd (PRC) and Lee Chang Yung Technology Corp. (ROC) for Isola's patented Drum Side Treated Foil (DSTF®) technology. DSTF is an enabling technology for dense circuit formation and high-speed signal transmission. Additionally, DSTF lowers total cost of ownership of a processed interlayer when compared to standard shiny foils.

"Our testing and simulations have revealed significant reduction in conductor loss when using DSTF( foils," stated Tarun Amla, Isola Group Vice-President & Chief Technology Officer.

Commenting on the agreements, Eric Seip, Isola Group Vice President, stated, "We are excited to add two more licensees for our patented DSTF(r) technology. This extends our list of foil licensees to fourteen, which is important for our customers and the printed circuit board industry as a whole, as the use of reverse treated foils continues to grow significantly year-over-year on a global basis."