Isola in Düren Receives ISO/TS 16949:2002 Certification

Isola in Düren has successfully passed the certification of the internationally leading automotive specification ISO/TS 16949

What is ISO /TS 16949?
TS 16949 is the highest level of certification in global automotive industry. The specification harmonizes and substitutes the different quality standards and requirements of a quality management system.

Why ISO/TS 16949?
For a long time, we worked hard to transform and implement all requirements defined in this specification – however, we have never lost track of our main goal: Customer Satisfaction.

What do you get out of it?
The hallmark TS 16949 identifies Isola as top-class partner for your business.

We had certified the efficiency of our systems, achieved an optimization of our product and process quality and make sure that all requirements are implemented sustainably and systematically by continuous improvement processes.

18 September 2008

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