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Isola 2016 Fact Sheet

Isola Introduces CAF Resistant FR-4 for Lead-free, High Reliability Applications

JANUARY 29, 2002 – Isola Laminate Systems, a business unit of Isola AG, the world's leader in base materials for electronic interconnect, introduces IS410 a high-performance FR-4 epoxy laminate & prepreg system designed to support the printed circuit board industry's requirements for higher levels of reliability.

Requirements for printed circuit board substrates are continually increasing in complexity, density and reliability while fabrication ease and material costs also remain as considerations in material selection. IS410, a high temperature FR-4 epoxy provides the answer to these criteria while offering several key advantages over other industry FR-4s. This product possesses a high glass transition temperature of 180 C, and is especially formulated for superior performance through multiple thermal excursions, passing 6X solder tests at 288C. This feature makes IS410 suitable for printed circuit boards (PCBs) in lead-free solder applications.

"IS410 is innovative in its inherent ability to pass 6X solder testing that is becoming a requirement within the OEM environment. This feature makes it especially well suited for PCBs in broadband, networking equipment applications. IS410 rounds out Isola's product offering in the FR-4 range providing that step between more traditional FR-4s and our high performance, advanced materials offering." commented Jerry Bouska, VP and Business Manager at Isola Laminate Systems. "We've completed our new product testing and are producing IS410 in commercial volumes in North America," he added.

IS410's unique resin chemistry provides CAF resistance with the benefit of long-term reliability of boards built with small feature designs. IS410 is optimized for enhanced drilling performance allowing high aspect ratio holes of 10 mils. IS410 laminate and prepregs meet IPC 4101 / 21, 24 and 26, and are fully UL recognized.

Isola Laminate Systems, a business unit of Isola AG, builds advanced interconnect materials for multilayer circuitry and providing technology and service solutions to the electronics industry. Isola Laminate Systems specializes in partnering with the printed circuit board designer, fabricator and OEM to bring the base for innovations to the global electronics industry. With administrative headquarters in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Isola Laminate Systems operates facilities in the Arizona, New York, California and South Carolina and distributes product throughout the Americas.

Headquartered in Dueren Germany, Isola AG is the world's leading supplier of base materials for printed circuit boards. Isola has twleve facilities in Europe, the United States, and the Asia Pacific region; sales and distribution worldwide; and employs approximately 3,000 people.