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Isola 2016 Fact Sheet

Isola Invests in a New R&D Synthesis Facility

Organic Synthesis:

Making building blocks and polymers for future products

Isola has expanded its Chandler, Arizona R&D facility to accommodate additional chemical scientists, a new synthesis laboratory, new start-of-the-art instrumentation and added production-scale polymer synthesis equipment. Over the last year, Isola has hired a number of scientists, including recent college graduates as well as seasoned organic chemists, to extend its technical capabilities. This new team of chemists work in an Isola-built state-the-art laboratory equipped with additional fume hoods and specialized synthesis equipment.

To complement and allow this synthesis team to be most effective, Isola has invested in a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectrometer manufactured by a leading provider of scientific instruments. This instrument elucidates the chemical structure as they create building blocks (i.e. monomers) and polymers. Isola believes it is the only manufacturer of thin dielectric materials for high-speed digital and RF/Microwave applications to own an NMR.

Isola has also designed and built a production-scale organic synthesis reactor at its facility in Chandler,Arizona. This important step in vertical integration allows the company to develop unique polymeric resin systems, giving Isola a strategic advantage in the marketplace and making it nearly impossible for a competitor to copy its materials. Additionally, this synthesis reactor makes Isola less dependent on chemical suppliers and Isola’s products completely proprietary.