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Isola 2016 Fact Sheet

Isola IS620 Passes Lead Free Testing

ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA, February 24, 2005 - Isola group Sarl announced today the successful testing of IS620 under simulated lead free assembly testing. The boards built at Merix went through the reflow assembly simulation 6 times without any delamination. The peak temperatures were over 262 Deg C. The 14 layer capability board was tested before and after eight reflow simulations and the results did not show any thermal degradation, the T-260s were over 60 minutes and the Decomposition Temperatures and the T-288s were also unchanged. We are really pleased with the results, IS620 is rapidly gaining momentum as the Low Loss product of choice for very high speed applications due to excellent thermal cycling and low loss attributes. These attributes coupled with lead free compatibility and a low cost of ownership will go a long way towards accelerating the market penetration. stated Tarun Amla Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Isola Group

Merix has been working closely with Isola on achieving lead free assembly capability using IS620. The Merix lead free testing program is aggressive and materials that successfully pass are robust. These results are very encouraging; this development will help alleviate concerns on the availability of low loss lead free products in the market, stated Doug Trobough CTO of Merix. IS620 is currently manufactured in the Isola high performance and quick turn facility in Fremont, CA.