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Isola Issues Second Cease and Desist Notification, Files for Injunction in R.O.C. Against ITEQ Corporation

CHANDLER, ARIZONA, September 16, 2008 - Isola USA Corporation ("Isola"), demanded that ITEQ respect the R.O.C. invention patent No. 142122 immediately cease all acts that would infringe on the patent, including but not limited to manufacturing the products with the Nos. ITEQ 200DK (including the final products and the semi-products) by themselves or through any third party, offering to sell, selling, or using the said products. Isola also filed an Injunction in the R.O.C. Intellectual Property Court to prohibit ITEQ from manufacturing the products with the Nos. ITEQ 200DK (including the final products and the semi-products) or any other products that infringe the above R.O.C. invention patent No. 142122 by themselves or through any third party, or offering to sell, selling, using, exporting or importing the said products.

"Isola, has experienced significant growth in Low DK materials over the last few years and we are initiating this legal action to protect our Intellectual property rights," stated Ray Sharpe CEO of Isola Group. Mr. Sharpe, continued by saying, "this action, combined with two other recent announcements, demonstrate the level of investment Isola has made to driving technology within the PWB industry. The formulation patents, and application patents we hold, such as our Reverse Treated Foil, are enablers for improved end-product design. We are proud to have been both an innovator, and a leader, in the PWB industry, and are committed to seeing our industry grow and prosper."

Digital designs have continued to experience significant increases in clock frequency and reductions in edge rates. At high frequencies, the dielectric material influences the signal propagation and degree of attenuation. Designing and developing a polymer resin system which has a low dielectric constant and dissipation factor at a low cost has proven to be a major challenge. "Typically more expensive resin systems such as Cyanate esters, PPE or Thermoplastic blends are used to achieve better dielectric properties. Isola achieved a breakthrough through the use of its patented technology. Products such as Isola FR408, IS415 and FR408HR all use patented resin compositions to achieve better electrical properties," stated Tarun Amla, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Isola.