Isola Laminate Systems Announces Realignment of North American Business Structure

La Crosse, Wisconsin, September 4, 2002 – Isola Laminate Systems, a business unit of Isola AG the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic interconnect materials, announced plans today to realign its America’s business structure in an effort to promote greater efficiency and flexibility. Part of this realignment will include the relocation of the North American headquarters from La Crosse, Wisconsin to Chandler, Arizona where Isola has a manufacturing facility.

“The relocation will include the construction of a new state of the art office and technology center on the existing site,” said Michael Kowalski CEO of Isola AG and Speaker for the Board of Directors. Isola’s commitment to the technology driven American market will be further enchanced by this investment and restructuring,” added Kowalski.

“This strategic realignment will strengthen our commercial and marketing presence and improve our cost position, while preserving flexibility to meet future market demand.” said Denny Ford, President of Isola Laminate Systems.

“We are using this realignment as an opportunity to integrate our headquarters activities with a plant site. Combining the functions at one site will aid in efforts to support our customers through faster product development and reduced cycle times,” stated Tarun Amla, Vice President of Operations and Technology for Isola Laminate Systems.

04 September 2002

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