Isola Laminate Systems Launches IS640

Long Beach, California, March 25, 2003 Isola Laminate Systems Corporation, the U.S. subsidiary of Isola AG, announced today the launch of IS640 its Next-Generation, Low-DK, Low-loss product for High-Speed Digital and RF applications.

“The product is targeted for High-Speed Digital Backplanes and Daughtercards for high gigabit data rates, for next generation base stations and high-frequency RF applications” stated Tarun Amla, Vice President of Operations and Technology for Isola Laminate Systems.

The product is available in standard E Glass and all standard thickness configurations and can be used in pure package constructions or hybrid formats depending on the application. Preliminary testing using standard FR-4 processes has shown excellent thermal performance and ease of processing in drilling and other fabrication processes. The product has a DK of 3.2-3.4, and a dissipation factor of less than 0.005 at frequencies up to 30 GHz.

“We are enthusiastic about the market growth potential of IS 640. This new product complements and extends our High performance product basket which includes IS620 and FR408 for High-Frequency and High-Speed Digital applications,” said Tim McCloskey, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

IS640 with its unique and attractive attributes and a substantially lower cost of ownership will help our customers achieve lower manufacturing cost objectives.

31 March 2003

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