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Isola 2016 Fact Sheet

Isola Launches IS415

Chandler, Arizona, June 30, 2004 -- Isola Corp. today announced the launch of IS415, the next generation high-Tg product for Telecom and Broadband applications. The product addresses the emerging need for combined thermal reliability with signal integrity.

IS415 has a Tg of 190 Deg C, and the DK / DF closely match the Isola FR406 product. The product has a decomposition temperature greater than 360 DEG C and easily passes the 60 minute T-260 test, making it very suitable for the thermally demanding applications such as lead-free assembly. The product has been engineered to provide a relatively low thermal expansion in the Z direction to address the increasing need for thermal cycling resistance.

"The challenges of lead-free assembly combined with the need for high-speed data transmission have pushed the standard high-Tg products to the limit. The alternative chemistries such as Phenolic-cured systems, while providing excellent thermals, exhibit greater loss in the Gigabit range. IS415 offers the electrical performance of standard high-Tg systems combined with the thermal performance of Phenolic-cured systems, along with a low cost of ownership," stated Tarun Amla, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Isola USA Corp.

Tim McCloskey, Vice President Sales and Marketing adds, "Feedback from OEMs participating in a wide range of applications has consistently led the industry to a product that captures best-in-class performance for electrical and thermal resistance parameters. Based on this, market anticipation of IS415 has been exceptional."

The product is being scaled up for alpha-site evaluations at Isola's Chandler Technology Center.