Isola Launches New Design Tool

CHANDLER, ARIZONA, July 28, 2010 – Today Isola Group, S.a.r.l. announced the launch of the Beta version of its new IsoStack® software tool. The web-based tool will allow Isola’s direct customers and OEMs to design stack-ups for printed circuit boards using Isola’s materials. The tool is provided as a free service to all current and future Isola customers. The tool allows users to save design files locally or share via e-mail in standard formats. Designers will find an up-to-date database of globally available constructions and electrical data on leading high-speed digital Isola materials.

A built-in pressed thickness calculator will offer automatic design checks for hybrid builds and warnings for insufficient prepreg and glass stop. Initially the tool will feature equation-based calculators for targeting desired impedance. The tool is designed to ease communications and to enable sharing of information with multiple vendors through this web-based interface.

The ability of multiple users to log in and view the same stack-up at the same time will reduce transition errors in the board design process. IsoStack can help design engineers share their requirements with Isola and relay information to fabricators efficiently. “Design rules that enhance reliability and performance are often ignored as the information is not readily available. Isola has tried to address the design and data gaps that exist today by incorporating the required information into the stack-up tool. Isola will be adding on additional features such as a 2D solver to further enhance the capability of the software,” stated Tarun Amla, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Isola Group. Isola will provide training to interested parties through webinars or visits.

28 July 2010

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