Isola Materials Receive Certification for Railway Applications

Isola Materials Receive Certification for Railway Applications

DE104, 185HR and IS410 are the latest materials certified to railway standards.

The demand for base material certified according to standards forth by the International Union of Railways and its member organizations is increasing as the transportation industry continues to define safety requirements for mass transit.

Isola’s 370HR and IS400 are classified according to the French standard NF F 16:101: “Rolling stock – Fire behaviour – Material Sselection”, to the European (EN 45545-2:2013), to the Italian (UNI CEI 11170-3) and to the US (NFPA 130) standards.

Most recently, DE104185HR and IS410 have been certified according to the European standard (EN 45545-2:2013). 185HR is also certified according the French standard (NF F 16-101).

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03 April 2015

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