Isola Particpates in the EIPC Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia

May 15

In an atmosphere of shrinking markets in Western Europe the electronic industry is heading East, expecting new sales opportunities. Russia attracts with high economic potential and stable growth rates of up to 6 %.

On September 24th and 25th, 2008, the European Institute of Printed Circuits (EIPC) hold a two-days conference in St. Petersburg at LENEXPO Exhibition and Conference Center, themed “Electronic production in Russia”. The conference provided a platform for all companies active in electronic industry that were interested in deeper commitments and closer technological cooperation in Russia.

Isola was actively involved in the conference with two speakers, Augusto Meozzi, President Isola Europe and Wolfgang Alberth, Director OEM Marketing.

Augusto Meozzi lectured in Session 1, Management und Market Information, on the subject,  European Market Development – How to Handle PCB Business in Europe and  Wolfgang Alberth in Session 2, New Technologies, on the subject Latest Developments and Applications for Base Materials.  Both presentation are available upon request.

Following the conference, Gerd Appelt (Sales) and Dr. Manfred Cygon (Technical Sales Service) as well as our Russian distributor, Messrs. Petrocommerz, were available for important and interesting conversations with our customers.