Isola Polyclad Renews Nan Ya License Agreement

CHANDLER, ARIZONA, April 14, 2009 – Isola Group S.a.r.l., a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of high performance base materials for the printed circuit board industry, announced that Polyclad Laminates Inc., a subsidiary of Isola, recently renewed a license agreement with Nan Ya Plastics Corporation, Electronic Materials Division (Nan Ya) for Isola’s patented Drum Side Treated Foil (DSTF®) technology.

DSTF is generically known as “reverse treat foil” in the industry, and is licensed by over a dozen copper foil producers worldwide. DSTF is an enabling technology for dense circuit formation and high-speed signal transmission. Additionally, DSTF lowers total cost of ownership of a processed inner layer when compared to standard shiny foils.

“Our testing and simulations have revealed significant reduction in conductor loss when using DSTF foils,” stated Tarun Amla, Isola Group Vice President and Chief Technology Officer.

Commenting on the agreement, Eric Seip, Isola Group Vice President, stated, “We are pleased that Nan Ya has decided to renew their license for our patented DSTF technology. This foil type continues to be adopted by new users and we are delighted that through our licensing efforts, we continue to help propel the industry forward.”

14 April 2009

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