Isola Presents at the Symposium of the PCB Industry in Europe

May 17

On October 9 and 10, 2008, the VDL annual conference on market, trends and new business strategies took place in Bad Homburg/Germany. Isola particpants were Wolfgang Alberth – Director OEM Marketing Europe and Karl Stollenwerk – Managing Director Dueren plant.

To be successful, it is essential to develop new strategies in order to ensure companies‘ success. This was the focus of the program of this year‘s symposium with its headlines ‚New Technologies for New Market Segments‘ as well as ‚Chances and Future Markets‘. Special focus was on innovative applications for multifunctional, optoelectronical as well as rigid-flex-applications. The second part of the conference discussed different business models as well as actual market trends.

Moreover, the symposium was the right place for the intensification of contacts, the exchange of information and gave room fo professional discussions.