Isola Update on ITC Consent Order

CHANDLER, ARIZONA, March 24, 2009 – Isola Group S.a.r.l., a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of high performance base materials for the printed circuit board industry, announced that some recent press releases relating to the ITC investigation and the resulting Consent Orders may be misinterpreted by purchasers of prepregs and laminates.

The Consent Orders issued by the ITC concern only the activities of the Respondents named in the ITC action. The Consent Orders do not protect purchasers of infringing prepregs and laminates. Importation, sale or use in the U.S. of prepregs, laminates, and/or finished or assembled printed circuit boards that are covered by Isola’s U.S. patents by non-Isola customers and OEMs is prohibited and actionable in a U.S. infringement lawsuit. Competitor products named in the ITC Investigation and subject to Consent Orders may not be imported, sold, or used in any assembly in the U.S. by anyone unless the composition of those products was modified to fall outside of the coverage of Isola’s patents.

In Isola’s opinion such a modification should trigger a new qualification with the Underwriter’s Lab (UL), which is an involved process for non-trivial changes such as a change of fillers. Isola will continue to seek all legal remedies to stop the importation, use and sale of infringing prepregs and laminates, as well as printed circuit boards manufactured using those infringing products.

24 March 2009

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