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Isola 2016 Fact Sheet

Letter from Raymond Sharpe, President and Chief Executive Officer

Letter from Raymond Sharpe, President and Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to Isola’s newly redesigned website. I hope you will agree our new website provides additional useful information about Isola in a more visually appealing format. You will find that the new website incorporates all of the product selection features of the prior website.

This is an exciting time for Isola as we will soon celebrate our 100th anniversary. Although the technologies we employ and the products we sell have changed over the last century, our longevity as a corporation rests on following certain unchanging principles – ones that continue to serve us as we enter our second century. Among these enduring principles:

  • Act ethically and with uncompromising respect for the laws and customs of each country and jurisdiction in which we operate
  • Partner with our customers to create innovative and cost-effective solutions to their needs for electronic materials
  • Continued focus on improving operational efficiencies through “lean six sigma” and other techniques
  • Workplace safety for our employees is our paramount concern
  • Appreciate the contributions of our employees and provide them with opportunities to grow and develop their diverse talents
  • Commitment to an increasingly robust response to environmental issues and social responsibility
  • Provide our investors with an attractive return on their investments

We look forward to another century of growth, innovation and achievement, providing materials for the most demanding electronic applications.


Raymond Sharpe

President and Chief Executive Officer