Isola’s Position on the Acute Flu Season

September 22, 2009

Dear Valued Customer,
Experts are warning of an especially acute flu season this year, and many of you have asked for Isola’s response to the threat of a flu epidemic. We have taken a number of actions to minimize the spread of influenza among our employees that I would like to share with you. These actions are designed not only to protect our employees, but also to ensure that our customers experience little or no impact should Isola experience a period of high absenteeism due to a flu epidemic.

All of Isola’s facilities have installed multiple anti-bacterial hand-soap and waterless hand-sanitizer stations. Tissues and surgical masks are also available to our employees. Each location will be periodically “deep cleaned” in high traffic areas to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. Employees Isola will conduct a series of “Health Fairs” at which flu shots will be made available to all employees without charge. The HR team at each location will maintain a list of local urgent-care medical facilities. We have also revised leave policies to reassure employees who are ill that they will not be penalized for taking the illness-related time off.

Information regarding flu preparedness has been disseminated to all of our employees. Flu preparedness policies identify precisely when an employees should and should not come to work and what actions Managers and Supervisors must take if an employee believes he or she has an infectious disease. This information was distributed through payroll stuffers, posted within each facility and on the Isola intranet and will be reviewed periodically in communication meetings/huddles.

Employees who have exhausted their personal time and vacation hours and who are able to provide a doctor’s note verifying their illnesses will not be subject to disciplinary action for their absence. This will encourage employees to stay home when they are truly ill without the fear of repercussion. To ease the financial burden of unexpected illnesses, employees, who provide verification of their illnesses, will be allowed to “borrow” up to 40 hours of anticipated 2010 vacation hours.

Each facility will identify key positions and begin cross-training employees to provide appropriate coverage in the event an employee becomes ill. Supervisors will also be given guidance on how to re-balance the work load when short-handed. Lastly, we will be working with temporary employment agencies to ensure they are able to meet our personnel needs in the event of more extreme absences.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.


Matt LaRont
President, North America

09 September 2009

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