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Isola 2016 Fact Sheet

No/Low Flow Resin Systems for Adhesive Applications

Isola offers several proprietary resin systems specifically formulated for optimal performance in bonding applications requiring minimal resin flow and consistency in lamination.prepreg.

A11 and FR406N are epoxy resin systems. A11 features a Tg of 100°C as is suitable for standard applications. FR406N has a Tg of 170°C and is formulated for high-temperature applications. Both products provide specific thermal characteristics appropriate for use in heat sink bonding, die cavity board (direct chip attachment) and multilayer rigid-flex applications.

P26N is a flame resistant, polyimide resin system suitable for military, commercial or industrial electronic applications requiring superior performance and the utmost in thermal properties. These products utilize a polyimide and thermoplastic blend resin, fully cured without the use of Methylenedianiline (MDA). This results in a polymer with a high Tg (250°C), without the brittleness and low initial bond strength associated with traditional thermoset polyimides.