Ray Sharpe to Participate at Piper Jaffray’s Annual TMT Conference

May 14

Ray Sharpe, President and CEO of Isola will participate in the “Semiconductor Opportunities in Communications Infrastructure” panel at Piper Jaffray’s Annual TMT Conference at 12:30PM ET on Tuesday, March 12, 2013.

The discussion will focus on current issues in infrastructure.  The panel will address the following questions:

  • The needs and demands of data centers are changing.  What are the new requirements that are driving the business today?
  • Where is the leverage in the data center?  Is it processor speed, memory bandwidth, networking or some other bandwidth bottleneck?
  • LTE growth has been slow and coverage is still spotty, do you see this changing?
  • It seems that, over time, communication standards have been moving to Ethernet Protocol.  Are there opportunities in an increasingly Ethernet-based network?
  • How quickly does 100G networking gain traction? Is there a price per port where there is an inflection point?
  • What impact will microservers have on your business?  What are you doing to position your company to take advantage of this growing data center market?
  • We are seeing a move by some OEMs to design their own chips and see Intel becoming a direct-to-OEM foundry.  Do you have an IP strategy?  Do you think this is a viable model going forward?