SMT Hybrid Packaging 2013, April 16-19th

June 23

Isola will exhibit at SMT Hybrid Packaging 2013, April 16-19th in Nuremberg, Germany. SMT Hybrid Packaging is Europe’s leading event on System Integration in Micro Electronics.

In today’s rapidly evolving electronics market, technology leaders such as Isola, must continually invest in developing new products and services to support the advanced requirements of global OEMs in order to meet the increased expectations from today’s tech-savvy, customer base

Isola GmbH has introduced several new laminates and prepregs into the European market to support this ever-changing environment. The company has also enhanced its quick-turnaround programs and its support for OEMs. With over a century of experience, Isola remains committed to delivering high-quality products and investing in research and development for future product and technologies.

To address the specific requirements in the fast-growing RF/microwave market, Isola has released a number of new High Speed Digital (HSD) materials. Our latest introduction, I-Tera® MT (MOT 130°C), exhibits exceptional electrical properties, offers the unique ability to use standard-glass fabrics without ceramic filler, and is suitable for use up to 24 GHz. I-Tera® MT (MOT 130°C) does not require special processing and is ideal for state-of-the-art PCB manufacturing. Many European producers have already completed their qualifications of I-Tera and validated its superior processing properties.

Time-to-market can pose a big challenge for PCB fabricators, considering the variety of base materials and the number of configuration options. Isola has responded to this concern by successfully reducing the average cycle-time for standard orders, which can now be ready for shipment in less than five business days. While this standard cycle-time is impressive, Isola also offers a 24-hour quick-turnaround (QTA) service on select standard products. This QTA service guarantees the order will ship within 24 hours of receipt of the  order, which helps its customers to shorten their delivery times to the OEMs.

The QTA program also allows customers to order the precise amount of product needed. There are no large-quantity order requirements, which enables customers to reduce their inventory levels  and the risk that pregreg expires on the shelf.

Isola employs a dedicated team to support the OEMs’ fast-paced, design environments. Isola’s  expertise provides our customers with the knowledge and technical support to develop efficient solutions for today’s manufacturing requirements. Isola also works with OEMs to define future product offerings in support of next-generation designs. The partnership between Isola and the OEM- customers helps to accelerate the transition from PCB design to volume production, thus reducing the time it takes for OEMs to release their finished product to the market.

Since 1912, Isola has adapted to the changing environment in the global marketplace by focusing on its customers. Whether this means expanding its product lines, implementing new processes, or providing technical assistance, Isola remains committed to supporting its customers and delivering high-quality products.

Please visit us in booth 9/419 at SMT Hybrid Packaging in Nuremberg to learn more about our new product technologies, shortened cycle-times and excellent customer support.

From design and development to PCB production, components, assembly, soldering, packaging and test systems – SMT Hybrid Packaging offers a comprehensive and compact presentation of products and services all under one roof!

The trade visitors of SMT Hybrid Packaging are experts and decision makers mainly from divisions management, development, production, quality control, technical and corporate management, who attend the international meeting point, gathering latest product information for future planned investments.