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Isola 2016 Fact Sheet

Thermally Conductive Base Material for PCBs

Metal Clad Substrates

Metal Clad Substrates (MCS) are thermally conductive base materials for temperature-sensitive applications. The combination of a copper-clad dielectric and an aluminum carrier delivers effective heat dissipation and provide a great alternative to active cooling methods and thick film techniques. In addition to its high thermal conductivity, MCS, which is currently offered to our European customers, provides very high thermal and mechanical reliability.

Different dielectrics can be selected to create the ideal MCS for each application. For these “lambda materials,” DE104, IS410, or 370HR  prepreg can be used as part of the modular configuration.

Based on the configuration of the MCS construction and its efficient heat dissipation, construction pitches can be reduced and increased power density can be achieved, allowing for smaller assemblies that are hard to realize with conventional base materials.

Typical applications of MCS include high-power LED modules, converters, automotive electronics, heat-sink circuits and industrial electronics.