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Isola 2016 Fact Sheet

TUC to Cease Importation of Products Covered by Isola Patents

CHANDLER, ARIZONA, March 17, 2009 - Isola Group S.a.r.l., a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of high performance base materials for the printed circuit board industry, announced that TUC has agreed to the entry of a Consent Order by the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC). The main points of the consent order are summarized as follows:

  • TUC has admitted the ITC has jurisdiction over TUC and its imported laminates and prepregs.
  • TUC has waived its right to have the ITC Order reviewed by another Court.
  • TUC has waived its right to contest the validity of the ITC Order.
  • TUC has agreed to cooperate with the ITC's Investigation that was initiated by Isola.
  • TUC agrees not to import or sell for importation prepregs or laminates that infringe Isola's talc patents.
  • TUC agrees not to aid, abet or induce others to infringe Isola's talc patents by importation and sale.
  • TUC has agreed to not challenge the validity or enforceability of the Isola talc patents

TUC is now precluded from using talc as the filler for its TU-752 and TU-662 and possibly other products. TUC is free to use a filler that falls outside the scope of Isola's U.S. Patent Nos. 6,187,852 and 6,322,885.

Commenting on the consent order, Ray Sharpe, CEO of Isola, stated, "We are pleased to be able to bring closure to our original ITC complaint. Our patents and technology withstood the rigorous test and scrutiny of review by our customers and competitors. We prevailed in our belief that Isola has a unique filler that the industry needs and respects. Isola will continue marketing and developing talc and SMA containing products which provide Isola a competitive advantage in the marketplace, without having any change to our formulas, or performance." He went on to comment "the industry and our competitors have all acted in a very professional manner, by embracing the importance of intellectual property in a high technology business."

"Isola's unique patented filler technology offers low z expansion, an attribute necessary for high reliability boards without compromising the electrical strength and drilling performance. This is in stark contrast to other fillers which in fact degrade the electrical strength and drilling performance," stated Tarun Amla, CTO of Isola.