VDE/VDI Conference at Isola Düren

May 14

The technical expert group within VDE/VDI meets twice a year at one of the premises of their member companies. This time Isola was the hosting company.

On November 27th, 2008 the program started with a visiting tour through the nearby surface mining area for lignite. Beneath its 85 square kilometres of working area there are 2.5 billion tons of lignite stored as deep as 450 meters in the earth.

It was an impressing tour for the 17 participants as the rare sight of a gigantic overburden excavator digging into a 20 million years lignite layer is indeed not a common experience.

The following day was loaded with technical papers and discussions. Naturally, the Isola report was on base materials.

Additional topics included:

  • CAF
  • Chemical copper surfaces
  • New drills
  • The Russian market from EIPC view

The meeting ended around 2 pm in the afternoon. All participants were satisfied with both organization and quality of the conference.