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Isola 2016 Fact Sheet

VENTEC to Cease Importation of Products Covered by Isola Patents

CHANDLER, AZ,  March 11, 2009 – Isola Group S.a.r.l., a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance base materials for the printed ciruit board industry, announced that VENTEC has agreed to the entry of a Consent Order by the US International Trade Commission (ITC). In October 2008 Isola USA Corp. filed a Complaint against VENTEC Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, Ventec Electronics (HK) Co., and VENTEC-Global Laminate USA LLC (collectively, VENTEC), alleging unfair acts in the importation, sale for importation, and sale after importation into the United States, or knowingly aid, abet, encourage, participatein, or induce the importation into the United States of prepregs, laminates, and finished circuit boards that are the subject of the ITC Investigation, or otherwise infringe, or induce, and/or contirbute to the infringement of claims 1-3,5 and 8 of the '852, and/or claims 1,2,4,and 7-9 of the '885 patent. The Consent Order shall be applicable to and binding upon VENTEC, its officers, directors, agents, and employees. VENTEC shall be precluded from seeking judicial review or otherwise challenging or contesting the validity of Isola '852 and '885 patents.

Commenting on the development, Ray Sharpe, CEO of Isola, stated; "We are pleased that we have been able to achieve the desired outcome. We believe this settlement is in the best interest of all parties, including the PCB industry." Mr. Sharpe added, that Isola over the last 10 years has been a leading innovator of technology in our industry, and is committed to strengthen this leadership position.

Tarun Amla, CTO of Isola, added " Even in this down market, Isola, plans to continue it's investment strategy of developikng propretary products thta provide unique performance benefits to our customers"