No-Flo® Specialty Prepreg

The A11 family of no-flow prepregs consists of proprietary resin systems specifically formulated for optimal performance in bonding applications requiring minimal resin flow and consistency in lamination.

Thermal Performance

Tg: 100°C
Td: 300°C

Electrical Performance

Dk: 4.50
Df: 0.033

Industry Approvals

IPC-4101 /20
UL - File Number E41625

A11 products bring the fabricator specific thermal characteristics appropriate for use in heat sink bonding, die cavity board (direct chip attachment) and multilayer rigid-flex applications.


Product Features

  • Industry Recognition
    • UL File Number: E41625
    • RoHS Compliant
  • Processing Advantages
    • Complete encapsulation of non-planar surfaces
    • Cure and form bond at low temperatures
    • Allows for lamination at non-uniform pressures
    • Adhesion to wide range of materials
    • Flex films – (Mylar®, Kapton®, etc.)
    • Treated or untreated copper
    • Plated metals (tin, solder, nickel, etc.)
    • Conventional laminate surfaces

Production & Manufacturing

Currently manufactured in North America

Product Availability

  • Standard Material Offering: Prepreg
    • Roll or panel form
    • Tooling of prepreg panels
  • Glass Fabric Availability
    • E-glass
Property Typical Value Units Test Method
Metric (English) IPC-TM-650 (or as noted)
Pressed Thickness
A. 104
B. 108
mm (mil)
Resin Content
A. 104
B. 108
Resin Flow Testing
A. 104
B. 108
2 2.3.17
Modified Circle Flow
A. 104
B. 108
0.010 - 0.100
Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) by DSC 100 °C 2.4.25C
Decomposition Temperature (Td) by TGA @ 5% weight loss 300 °C
Cure Temperature Recommended for Full Cure 171
Min. for Functional Bonding 149
Z-Axis CTE 80 ppm/°C 2.4.24C
X/Y-Axis CTE 18/16 ppm/°C 2.4.24C
Thermal Conductivity 0.25 W/m·K ASTM E1952
Dk, Permittivity @ 1 GHz 4.5
Df, Loss Tangent @ 1 GHz 0.033
Dielectric Breakdown 80 kV 2.5.6B
Peel Strength 1 oz. EDC foil 9.0 N/mm (lb/inch) 2.4.8C
Flammability (Laminate & laminated prepreg) HB Rating UL 94
The data, while believed to be accurate and based on analytical methods considered to be reliable, is for information purposes only. Any sales of these products will be governed by the terms and conditions of the agreement under which they are sold.


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A:Initial Release - 4/17
B:Corrected glass type PT,RC,RF 1080 to 108 - 3/19

Resource Title & Summary Date Updated
A11 Processing Guide 06/18/2020
A11 Prepreg Safety Data Sheet 09/25/2019
A11 Prepreg RoHS Declaration 12/14/2016


Laminate & Prepreg Manufacturing

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