16 December 2020

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Letter To Customers Concerning TBBA
Letter to Customers Concerning TBBA
Recently there are more and more rumours concerning “TBBA” causing more confusion than clarification in the market. Unfortunately there are some base material suppliers who try to abuse this situation to push alternative products to front. Therefore, Isola wants to make use of the following…
SMT Hybrid Packaging 2013 April 16 19th
SMT Hybrid Packaging 2013, April 16-19th
Isola will exhibit at SMT Hybrid Packaging 2013, April 16-19th in Nuremberg, Germany. SMT Hybrid Packaging is Europe’s leading event on System Integration in Micro Electronics. In today’s rapidly evolving electronics market, technology leaders such as Isola, must continually…
Isola Expands Production of RF/Microwave Materials in Germany
IS680 Now in Production in Europe
Isola Strengthens Its Product Offering for the RF/Microwave Technology Sector in Europe As the demand for wireless products continues to grow, European OEMs and PCB manufacturers are discovering the need for specialized laminates to deliver superior performance in their designs, as they strive to shorten…