370 TURBO®

High Performance Laminate and Prepreg Materials

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Thermal PerformanceElectrical PerformanceIndustry Approvals
IPC-4101 /21 /24 /26 /121 /124
UL - File Number E41625
370 TURBO offers a 175°C glass transition temperature (Tg) and 340°C degradation temperature (Td), making it an ideal choice for the most thermally demanding multilayer Printed Wiring Board (PWB) applications.

The application of TURBO® manufacturing to the industry-leading 370 system provides this dramatic improvement in thermal performance and reliability. TURBO technology also results in faster curing, allowing lamination press cycle time reductions of 30% or more. This combination provides not only improved performance but retains FR-4 processability, with mechanical, chemical and moisture resistance and laser fluorescing and UV blocking properties that equal or exceed the performance of any other FR-4 material available.

Product Attributes

Typical Market Applications

  • There are no typical market applications.

Product Features

  • Industry Recognition
    • UL File Number: E41625
    • Qualified to UL’s MCIL Program
    • RoHS Compliant
  • Performance Attributes
    • Lead-free assembly compatible
  • Processing Advantages
    • FR-4 process compatible
    • UV blocking and AOI fluorescence

Product Availability

  • Standard Material Offering: Laminate
    • 2 to 125 mil (0.05 to 3.2 mm)
    • Available in full size sheet or panel form
  • Copper Foil Type
    • HTE Grade 3
    • RTF (Reverse Treat Foil)
  • Copper Weight
    • ½ to 2 oz (18 to 70 µm) available
    • Heavier copper available
    • Thinner copper foil available
  • Standard Material Offering: Prepreg
    • Roll or panel form
    • Tooling of prepreg panels
  • Glass Fabric Availability
    • E-glass
    • Square weave glass

Production & Manufacturing

  • Currently manufactured in Asia
PropertyTypical ValueUnitsTest Method
Metric (English)IPC-TM-650 (or as noted)
Test data generated from rigid laminate50%
Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) by DSC175°C2.4.25C
Decomposition Temperature (Td) by TGA @ 5% weight loss340°C2.4.24.6
Time to Delaminate by TMA (Copper removed)
A. T260
B. T288
Z-Axis CTE
A. Pre-Tg
B. Post-Tg
C. 50 to 260°C, (Total Expansion)
X/Y-Axis CTEPre-Tg13ppm/°C2.4.24C
Thermal Conductivity0.35W/mKASTM E1952
Thermal Stress 10 sec @ 288ºC (550.4ºF)
A. Unetched
B. Etched
PassPass Visual2.4.13.1
Dk, Permittivity
A. @ 2 GHz
B. @ 5 GHz
Bereskin Stripline
Df, Loss Tangent@ 2 GHz0.022Bereskin Stripline
Dk, Permittivity@ 5 GHz0.024Bereskin Stripline
Volume Resistivity
A. C-96/35/90
B. After moisture resistance
C. At elevated temperature
3.0 x 108
7.0 x 108
Surface Resistivity
A. C-96/35/90
B. After moisture resistance
C. At elevated temperature
3.0 x 106
7.0 x 108
Dielectric Breakdown>50kV2.5.6B
Arc Resistance125Seconds2.5.1B
Electric Strength (Laminate & laminated prepreg)52 (1300)kV/mm (V/mil)
Comparative Tracking Index (CTI)3 (175-249)Class (Volts)UL 746A
ASTM D3638
Peel Strength
A. Low profile copper foil and very low profile copper foil all copper foil >17 μm [0.669 mil]
B. Standard profile copper
    1. After thermal stress
    2. At 125ºC (257ºF)
    3. After process solutions

1.23 (7.0)

1.58 (9.0)
1.23 (7.0)
1.58 (9.0)
N/mm (lb/inch)
Moisture Absorption0.15%
Flammability (Laminate & laminated prepreg)V-0RatingUL 94
Relative Thermal Index (RTI)130°CUL 796
The data, while believed to be accurate and based on analytical methods considered to be reliable, is for information purposes only. Any sales of these products will be governed by the terms and conditions of the agreement under which they are sold.

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A: Initial release - 4/17
B: Change MOT to RTI 5/19


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